Kilim With Kindness Moroccan Accent Rug | 2.9' x 4.6'


This traditional flatwoven kilim rug adds a slice of Moroccan style to your space.

  • Size: 2.9' x 4.6' + 4" fringe on both ends
  • Colors: crimson red, white + orange         
  • Material: 100% sheep's wool pigmented with natural plant dyes
  • Pile: none

a one-of-a-kind, flatwoven kilim rug, woven in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It features a striking geometric repeating diamond pattern, two-sided fringe, and bold hues of crimson red, white, and pops of orange.


Due to the handmade nature of our rugs, there may be beautiful flaws in the design. These imperfections make each rug truly its own.

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