While traveling through Morocco, we quickly discovered our love for Moroccan mint tea. Symbolizing hospitality and friendship, it is customary in Morocco to brew a pot of tea to honor one’s guests. Fresh mint, steeped with green tea, and added sugar (if preferred) easily became a part of our daily ritual and an essential piece to our negotiations over rugs. 

The cooling essence and high vibes of mint tea had such an influential presence throughout our entire Moroccan buying experience that we decided it was necessary to honor this beloved herb just as much as the wool that every piece in our collection is handwoven from (except for our vegan silk rugs). So, there you have it! Our entire collection is brought to you by a whole lot of mint & wool.

Preserving the time-honored craft of handwoven rugs

For thousands of years, descendants of the Berber tribe have carried on the tradition of rug weaving. Handed down through the generations, the ancient techniques of this age-old craft have managed to remain exactly the same - woven entirely by hand, one knot at a time, and made of sheep’s wool colored with local natural dyes. You can literally see, touch, and feel the artistic design and quality craftsmanship that only comes from this preserved lineage of handwoven rugs.  

Imported with love

Co-founders, Matt Wilkes and Leah Klatt, fell in love in 2014 while traveling the world. It is their shared passion for adventuring new lands, experiencing new cultures, tasting new foods, and collecting local artisan crafts that inspired mint & wool. Together they've hand-selected and lovingly curated their favorite Moroccan weavings to share with you.