Vintage and antique Moroccan rugs are 100% handmade and aged, therefore irregularities and imperfections are to be expected. We believe these "flaws" to be part of the unique beauty of these one-of-a-kind pieces!

Here is a list of things you should know when purchasing a vintage Moroccan rug:

  • Some rugs get slightly thinner or wider throughout the rug, therefore your rug may not be perfectly square or rectangle. 
  • Some rugs have fringe at the end with varying lengths.
  • Some rugs may have had repairs made to them due to their age and wear.
  • Some rugs may have signs of age and wear including: worn down areas, stains, fraying, small tears or holes etc.
  • Your rug may have a faint "antique" smell due to its age and storage in Morocco. If you notice a smell, please be aware that this should fade. If needed, we recommend laying your rug out on a balcony or over a railing for a couple of days as fresh air and sunlight do wonders for helping to remove odors.
  • For spills and or stains, please treat immediately with water and a natural soap or rug shampoo. Do not use any products containing oxy. Simply foam up the soap and wipe with a sponge or rinse with water. 
  • Rug pads are recommended for flat woven rugs to help keep them in place. We also recommend using them for rugs that bunch or don't lay perfectly flat.
Before purchasing, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have regarding a particular rug by emailing us at We're always happy to help!